Hosted eMail

What is Hosted eMail? Electronic mail or eMail is a method of sending and receiving digital messages. Messages are generated by an author and then digitally sent to one or more recipients through the Cybacore system. So, a message from can be electronically posted through CybaCore's service via the internet to (and they would do the same through their eMail host to reply).

Typically, today's eMail systems are based on a “store and forward” technology. This means that eMail servers like ours accept and incoming mail and store it so that it can be forwarded to you when you connect to the service. Once connected, eMails are then downloaded by your PC for you to read and respond to as desired. Our service also allows incoming eMails to be stored on the server for a few days AFTER you have downloaded them as an additional safeguard against PC failure.

  • 256MB of domain storage
        extra storage at £4.89 per month per GB
  • 35MB emails (attached documents etc.)
        upgradeable to 50MB
  • Anti-Virus
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Copy inbound and/or outbound mail to other boxes
  • SMTP service
  • 24/7 Backups (14 day retention)

£POA per year
per a domain
Web mail interface (Like hotmail). Includes
  • Anti-Spam filtering (includes RBL lookups)
  • Rules service (reject or accept inbound message)
  • Calendar reminders, Contacts, Events, Notes, Tasks, Journals
  • Mail auto-responder
  • Domain administration service available on request

  • Secure encrypted transmission (SSL)

Service is offered with renewal notifications and 24/7 support.