Dedicated Xserve

The perfect solution for feature rich onDemand environments. The Xserve works faster, harder, and more efficiently than ever before. And it all starts with the 64-bit Quad-Core Intel Xeon Nehalem processor. Thanks to this powerful 45-nanometer Intel Core microarchitecture processor, Xserve now runs at blazing speeds up to 2.93GHz. Each Intel Xeon processor has its own 1600MHz system bus for up to 25.6GB/s of bandwidth, so there's even faster access to main memory.

Eight processing cores deliver an incredible performance boost across the board. A massive 8MB of L2 cache per processor keeps instructions and data close to the processor cores, reducing frontside bus transactions and memory latency. Intel's cache technology allows core pairs to share 6MB of cache.

If one core happens to be idle or needs less cache resources, the other can fully utilize it. The enhanced SSE4 SIMD engine handles 128-bit vector computations in a single cycle

Reliability Mac OSX Snow Leopard is complete with tools which continuously monitor the operating system enabling services to be recovered should an application, system or power failure occur. This provides maximum uptime for your Xserve environment.
Xserve's new cluster configuration, Ideal for building dynamic large environments.

Apple's Xserve cluster configuration delivers high density processing performance specially designed for computational clusters and distributed applications.

If you are interested in this type of hosting, coupled with or without our development services as an overall IT solution, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, so that we can discuss your requirements further without any obligation.